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Life is a constant and never ending journey in search of Peace, tranquility and good fortune. However, knowingly or unknowingly, we all are losing this opportunity to spend just a limited number of valuable days in this world. It can be seen that the basic reason for this is ignorance.

"If I do not exist, then for what purpose does I own this World" This question is very much relevant. Each and every second and every valuable hours that we lose from our life is really precious. We should understand that, the moment we are born, we forget about the real objective of our life. We may understand and regret about it at the time of death. In the mean time, during the short span of our life in this world, we lose about 80% of our life telling thinking about aspects like caste, religion, God, diseases and its treatments, politics etc.

We lose a whooping 20 years in sleep, at a rate of 6 hours sleep a day! At the time of death certain people realize that their life is totally lost with sleepless nights and daydreaming unproductive days. Certain people do not even experience their spontaneous death. When we know this real state of life and our existence, we should really think about, what I should do next?

The great Gurus of the world have shown us a great path towards success. It is always good to follow their path and to travel through their paths to success... Those who were born to win... Those who fought for success... Those who returned successful... How beautiful, those concepts and dreams are... To give wings to those sweetest dreams, we need a broad minded approach.

Vishvacharya International Pantheon Academy now stands high as a bright guiding star that works to offer strong foundation to this broad minded approach. The Success mantra of those who have emerged successful in their life is mostly kept as a secret by them. We open up those secrets of their success in front of you, to understand and evaluate. Concepts related to Physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, extraterrestrial aspects which are above medical science and religious thoughts reincarnate here. Seats of wisdom like the Nalanda and Takshashila are reborn here. VIP academy is truly envisioned as a place to learn Scientific truths, unhindered by diverse belief systems.

You might lose the known truths, historical facts and documented truths when you travel your way through the paths of real life truths... If you came to win, you should never look back to the losses. You should only assess the distance to your success.

If you have this real necessity... enthusiasm... you are always welcome...

Education, Treatment, Research, Spirituality etc. should be under full freewill and should have full freedom. Each individual should know and experience this freedom. Only in such a situation will our nation move ahead to progress.

Let knowledge be open to all... Let Wisdom become an unmatched experience...

"Life is in fact the process of making enhancing the god given talents. The act of not utilizing the given talents is Hell. Both heaven and hell resides within yourself"